Speechkaraoke in collaboration with Taidehalli gives you a unique opportunity: you can now combine 3 favourite past time obsessions into one: blind dating, manifesto writing and speechkaraoke performing.  Here is how it works: download the participation card below, fill it out, and send it to Taidehalli: ( tuottaja {at} taidehalli.fi ). It is very simple.… Read More

“I’m bored. I’m bored.” The famous last words of poet Gabriele D’Annunzo will open the stage for another popular Speechkaraoke night at Lavaklubi, but it will certainly not become boring. The evening will be dedicated to “Last Words” and will feature many new, albeit short speeches. The shortest speech contains only 2 characters: ”NO.” If… Read More

When browsing our catalogue of about 350 speeches we realized that there is a massive gender imbalance. We therefore decided to dedicate our next Lavaklubi event to Feminism. We were hard at work to add 20 new speeches, from some classic speeches of Feminism to more current viral videos addressing issues of gender equality, sexism… Read More

Speechkaraoke takes part to the Cultural Disturbance Evening. Find more details below in Finnish. Häiriköt-päämaja on pyörinyt vuoden ja nyt on aika juhlia. Tänä vuonna Spektaakkeligaalamme teema on Suomi Funland 100. Virallisen Suomen juhlimiset ovat olleet tarpeettoman pönöttäviä ja jättäneet monia tärkeitä keskustelunaiheita tyystin vaille huomiota. Me päätimme omistaa Suomen juhlavuoden näiden vähemmälle huomiolle jääneiden… Read More

In response to current events the next Speechkaraoke club (Friday December 9, 20:00 @ Lavaklubi) is dedicated to Love, Hope & Stupidity. We desperately try to end the year on a positive note, so we added a bunch of speeches about love & hope, but we must acknowledge that a lot of really stupid things… Read More

Will Donald Trump be the next president of United States? Did Brexit come as a surprise? What about TTIP? Speech Karaoke is back from summer holidays with the theme Populism 2016! DJ Nosfe plays sweet italodisco tunes. Free of charge. See you at Lavaklubi at  8 pm.  PS: This unfortunately overlaps with the International Teddy… Read More

Speechkaraoke will hit the legendary Finnish Summer Festival circuit. On Friday July 22 we will perform at the lovely H2Ö festival and the following days at the more anarchic Jättömaa (aka Wasteland) festival. See you there. We hope to record some new master speeches from festival goers.… Read More

Speechkaraoke has another club night at Lavaklubi, 23.4. from 8 to midnight! We have searched the best of the worst of the latest speeches by the government. But guests can be rest assured, it won’t be dull, because they always can throw in the infamous Christian Bale rant on the set of Terminator or something… Read More

The next edition of the Speechkaraoke Club evening will present speeches from Thailand. In a field trip to the Megalopolis Bangkok, the rice fields of Surin und the Finnish Ex-pat community at Hua-Hin members of SKAG collected short speeches from people of all strands of live. Among the new speeches is a monologue by a… Read More

We had a great kick-off event at The Sportsman bar in Bangkok. We then traveled to the Surin province where we  collected speeches from local people. We also visited the somewhat controversial Dhammakaya temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in Thailand and spoke to two monks who also provided us with new speeches that we will… Read More