In response to current events the next Speechkaraoke club (Friday December 9, 20:00 @ Lavaklubi) is dedicated to Love, Hope & Stupidity. We desperately try to end the year on a positive note, so we added a bunch of speeches about love & hope, but we must acknowledge that a lot of really stupid things are happening right now. So the audience can expect an emotional roller-coaster ride, moving between sweet classics such as Prince Daniels Wedding speech to the “trumpish” rants of “Macho Man” Randy Savage off WWF notoriety.

The 9th of December coincides with World Techno Day. So as a little Christmas candy for all techno people out the – and everyone else – we added the iconic speech by DJ Motto of Love Parade fame “In Music We Are All United!” And our very own Dj Nosfe might spin one or two of his favourite techno tracks.