Karaoke – spoken not sung!

In Speech Karaoke – as the name suggests – you choose a speech instead of a song. Our speech catalogue contains over 600 speeches in 12 different languages, mostly in English and Finnish. Speech Karaoke events are  usually held in bars in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  People can deliver a speech – if they muster the courage – or just enjoy listening others.

We have all kinds of speeches: political manifestos, big film speeches,  contemporary comments on world events, speeches with a historical dimension or personal confessions.  We cover a wide range of quality:  from the most celebrated oratory to the most disturbing profanity.  Our events are hosted by a professional karaoke host and during the breaks our own DJ  entertains the guests with some sweet chillin tunes.

Speech Karaoke started in 2009 and is a constantly expanding  project by The Speech Karaoke Action Group (SKAG), a Finnish-German artist group.

Information for hosts:

When the Speech Karaoke project arrives to a new city, local speeches are added to the Karaoke system. Speech Karaoke can be held as an club event or as a part of an exhibition.

If you need press quality photos for marketing purposes for events, you can download them from our Gallery page.

Info for workshop participants:

The Speech Karaoke workshops are usually held one week before the speech karaoke  evening. New karaoke videos are made based on the speeches brought by the workshop participants.  Anyone can come to the workshop with a speech. We serve cookies, candy and coffee!

We want Your speech! The speeches can be relevant to local history, but it can basically be anything in form of a speech which has touched or provoked the participant. For example your own wedding speech  or your all-time favorite movie rant!

Our workshops are  stress-free and we help our participants to design the perfect karaoke video for the speech of their choice. The highlight of the workshop process is the speech karaoke evening, which takes place after the local karaoke videos have been finalized and added to the system.


The Speechkaraoke project is kindly supported by KONE FOUNDATION as part of their Multilingualism and Art program  stream.