Speech Karaoke Exhibition at Jyväskylä Art Museum in Jyväskylä, Finland, February 4 – April 3 2011 The Speech Karaoke was presented in the exhibition »I am a socialist-anarchist-individual-collectivist-individualist-communist-cooperative-aristocrat-democrat«. The speeches were delivered by opening guests and later on, the audience of the exhibition. Professional karaoke host Julius Valve hosted karaoke at the opening.… Read More

Speech Karaoke Exhibition at Hämeenlinna Art Museum in Hämeenlinna, Finland, February 11 – May 9 2010 The Speech Karaoke was launched at Hämeenlinna Art Museum in the exhibition “I am a socialist-anarchist-individual-collectivist-individualist-communist-cooperative-aristocrat-democrat”. Hämeenlinna is a city and  municipality of about 67,000 inhabitants in the south of Finland, 98 km from Helsinki. The Speech Karaoke was… Read More