Speech Karaoke Event and Exhibition at the Almost Cinema exhibition – Vooruit, Gent, Belgium 10.–20.10.2012 A Speech Karaoke event was held during the opening of the Almost Cinema exhibition on the 10th of October 2012. The event and exhibition took place in the Vooruit Art Center in Gent, Belgium, just under the municipal elections. As the exhibition consisted of sublime… Read More

Speech Karaoke workshop in Almost Cinema festival – Vooruit, Gent, Belgium 5.–6.10.2012 The Speech Karaoke Action Group help an open workshop in Ghent, Belgium, on the 5th and 6th of October 2012 in connection to the Almost Cinema festival. One large room in the Art Center Vooruit was reserved for the local participants to work with the group on… Read More

Speech Karaoke event at Puhe Festival in Bar Kuka, Turku 6.10.2012 The Speech Karaoke Action Group was in Turku taking part in the  first PUHE-festival. Puhe means speech in english and whole festival was full of speeches. All photos copyright by Lauri Hannus / PUHE-festivaali… Read More

Speech Karaoke event in Kokoomus tulevaisuusristeily at Tallink Baltic Princess boat 29.–30.9.2012 The event on MS Baltic Princess was the first Speech Karaoke event on the sea. The Speech Karaoke Action Group was invited by Kokoomus (The finnish national coalition party) a liberal conservative party who organized a cruise for party members. The Speech Karaoke… Read More