Speech Karaoke Event and Exhibition at the Almost Cinema exhibition – Vooruit, Gent, Belgium 10.–20.10.2012

A Speech Karaoke event was held during the opening of the Almost Cinema exhibition on the 10th of October 2012. The event and exhibition took place in the Vooruit Art Center in Gent, Belgium, just under the municipal elections. As the exhibition consisted of sublime works the karaoke had many sublime words and ideas loaded into the speeches. There were some local speeches in the selection, but speeches from movies like Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator, and speeches dealing with politics in the U.S.A. turned out to be more popular.

The ultimate queen of the night was the performance artist Sara Palish with her two interpretations of Sarah Palin’s Acceptance Speech for Vice President of the United States. Thank you to all the speakers and the participating audience!

The Speech Karaoke is available to the public during the Almost Cinema exhibition in Vooruit’s Wintertuin until the 20th of October.