The end of August comes with a frenzy of activities in Helsinki to compensate for the comatose weeks of July. Speechkaraoke will have 3 appearances in the second half of August. It starts with a cruise of the left alliance to Tallin 18.-19.8 followed by the Runokuu “Kapinakaraoke” on 20.8 in Bio Rex and a… Read More

As part of the Tok Curators‘ new  project ‘The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange’, you are welcome to attend and participate in our Speech Karaoke at Bar Loose in Helsinki! The main idea of the ‘Russian Bar’ project is to analyze the new waves of migration to Finland fueled by… Read More

One can think about Warren Buffet whatever; but he got at least on fact right: Buffett has given advice to recent graduates that the number one skill you can have is public speaking skills.  It is another fact that – according to several studies – the fear of public speaking is often ranked very high,… Read More

Speech Karaoke starts it’s 2018 season at Lavaklubi with a controversial topic: The “Sami Issue” – it is about the problematic relationship between the indigenous people of the Fennoscandic Peninsula and the newcomers to the area (aka the Finns), a history that is too easily sweeped under the carpet. While this event must address the… Read More

We invite to another Speech Karaoke Klub Nite. After the celebration of subjectivity in the Manifesto night we turn our focus to the facts, or what we believe the facts are. Although it is not a new term, it has been dominant in most of the political discussions of today: Fake News.  Many associate the… Read More

Saturday Night (7.10.2017) the manifestos that were created during the blind-date-manifesto-writing challenge will be performed in a special Speech Karaoke night at Taidehalli, 19:00-22:00. Guests can also bring back to life a number of historic manifestos, such as Hugo Ball’s DADA manifesto or the DOGMA 95 vow of chastity or Tolstoys Rules of Life –… Read More

Speechkaraoke in collaboration with Taidehalli gives you a unique opportunity: you can now combine 3 favourite past time obsessions into one: blind dating, manifesto writing and speechkaraoke performing.  Here is how it works: download the participation card below, fill it out, and send it to Taidehalli: ( tuottaja {at} ). It is very simple.… Read More

“I’m bored. I’m bored.” The famous last words of poet Gabriele D’Annunzo will open the stage for another popular Speechkaraoke night at Lavaklubi, but it will certainly not become boring. The evening will be dedicated to “Last Words” and will feature many new, albeit short speeches. The shortest speech contains only 2 characters: ”NO.” If… Read More

When browsing our catalogue of about 350 speeches we realized that there is a massive gender imbalance. We therefore decided to dedicate our next Lavaklubi event to Feminism. We were hard at work to add 20 new speeches, from some classic speeches of Feminism to more current viral videos addressing issues of gender equality, sexism… Read More