One can think about Warren Buffet whatever; but he got at least on fact right: Buffett has given advice to recent graduates that the number one skill you can have is public speaking skills.  It is another fact that – according to several studies – the fear of public speaking is often ranked very high, sometimes even ranked higher than death itself.

The 14 Worst Human Fears
“What are you most afraid of?” a team of market researchers asked 2500
U.S. inhabitants. Many named more than one fear.

Biggest Fear % naming

1 Speaking before a group 41
2 Heights 32
3 Insects and bugs 22
3 Financial Problems 22
3 Deep water 22
6 Sickness 19
6 Death 19
8 Flying 18
9 Loneliness 14
10 Dogs 11
11 Driving/riding in a car 9
12 Darkness 8
12 Elevators 8
14 Escalators 5

See here for more detail on the original research.
And what is the conclusion of all of this? Join the next Speechkaraoke event and train your public speaking skills in relaxed and fun atmosphere.