Speech Karaoke attended for the first time Suomi Areena in Pori. It is an important gathering of anyone remotely related to politics in Finland: think tanks, parties, unions, foundations, politicians and many others. We were invited to hosted a speech karaoke session around the theme of solar power. Since this topic is not the emphasize of our current catalogue of ca. 800 speeches we needed to dive deep into the rabbithole called internet to excavate some unique speeches about solar power. The most impressive find is the speech posted below, a speech by Jimmy Carter at the inauguration of a solar panel system installed on top of the White House on June 20, 1979. In his speech Carter encouraged the use of renewable energy to replace “the dwindling ressources of fossil fuel”. He also pointed out that increasing the use of solar energy would reduce the economic dependency from oil producing actors. He announced the start of a special fund to develop solar power technology. If other politicians and decision makers would have been as forward looking as Carter, the worst effects of man made climate change could have probably been averted. It is shocking that 44 years later we still talk about the same issues and only see now a slow shift towards renewable energy on the massive scale that Carter suggested.