Just a day before the legendary Provinssirock festival took off, Speech Karaoke aka Puhekaraoke celebrated its first appearance in Seinäjoki. The summer event was organised by Seinäjoen taidehalli (Kunsthalle Seinäjoki) coinciding with the opening of Noelia Mora Solvez’s great show “Farming”. In her video-works humans imitate animals, so in some odd way her work is… Read More

We searched our current database of 750 speeches for great FIRST OF MAY speeches. We found treasures covering the whole spectrum: from Olaf Palme (“Therefore I am a Social Democrat”), Auvi Suvinen (Anarchist Vappu Speech) all the way to Spede Pasanen. This fine selection and other great speeches could be heard at Secret Sauciety, our… Read More

Report about our trip to Gothenburg 16.8.-22.8.2021 Speech Karaoke Action Group (SKAG) participated in the Sparkplug festival organised by Status Queer, a local LGBTQAI+ organisation in Gothenburg. During the festival, SKAG organised a Speech Karaoke workshop and an event. Four members of SKAG Jenna Jauhiainen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Velda Parkkinen and Julius Valve.  We arrived in… Read More

After a long time of very limited Speech Karaoke activities we are excited to be on the road again. Our small crew – Jenna, Velda, Julius and Oliver – will attend the Sparkplug festival that takes place at Galleri Box in Gothenborg. It is an event organized by a new initiative called statusqueer. More updates… Read More

The first Speech Karaoke event in Tampere happened in Terassi Pub Yläkerta, the upstairs bar of the legendary punkrock and alternative music venue Vastavirta -club. The event was a part of Romufestival. The bar is located at Tampere’s Pispala district which is known for it’s bloody leftist history during the Finnish Civil War. The city… Read More

The world was hit by Covid-19 and all plans for Speech Karaoke were cancelled for the summer and the yet unknown future. People isolated into their homes and started washing their hands with soaps and disinfectants. The increasing demand for virtual events got to us too! And so we did an online event pilot from… Read More

Speech Karaoke turns 10 years today! Speech Karaoke resembles regular karaoke, but instead of a song you choose a speech from our karaoke list and perform it before a live audience from a speakers podium! The audience listens to the speaker and follows the karaoke video’s moving text from the projected screen. Our events are… Read More

The Love Me Gender theme night will address the current debate on gender diversity. We will hear karaoke speeches about human rights, identity politics, personal experiences and structural criticism. The Speech Karaoke Action Group has curated speeches for the night together with people who identify as minority genders, trans rights activists, Elina Nikulainen from Miehet… Read More

Bar U2 in Pihlajanmäki is the first location of our suburb tour in 2019/2020. We want to bring Speech Karaoke to different locations in the outer parts of Helsinki to reach new audiences. Welcome on 7.9. 19:00-21:00 at Bar U2, Pihjalanmäki Shopping Centre. Check back later for the rest of the tour dates.… Read More

Speech Karaoke returns to the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi from the summer break. The first Speech Karaoke of this season is dedicated to the utopian promises and world domination fantasies by the Silicon Valley bigshots and their neoliberal comrades around the world. It seemed the ideal pitch: the new “disruptive” technologies will make the world a… Read More