Speech Karaoke turns 10 years today! Speech Karaoke resembles regular karaoke, but instead of a song you choose a speech from our karaoke list and perform it before a live audience from a speakers podium! The audience listens to the speaker and follows the karaoke video’s moving text from the projected screen. Our events are… Read More

The Love Me Gender theme night will address the current debate on gender diversity. We will hear karaoke speeches about human rights, identity politics, personal experiences and structural criticism. The Speech Karaoke Action Group has curated speeches for the night together with people who identify as minority genders, trans rights activists, Elina Nikulainen from Miehet… Read More

Bar U2 in Pihlajanmäki is the first location of our suburb tour in 2019/2020. We want to bring Speech Karaoke to different locations in the outer parts of Helsinki to reach new audiences. Welcome on 7.9. 19:00-21:00 at Bar U2, Pihjalanmäki Shopping Centre. Check back later for the rest of the tour dates.… Read More

Speech Karaoke returns to the National Theatre’s Lavaklubi from the summer break. The first Speech Karaoke of this season is dedicated to the utopian promises and world domination fantasies by the Silicon Valley bigshots and their neoliberal comrades around the world. It seemed the ideal pitch: the new “disruptive” technologies will make the world a… Read More

We are proud to continue our collaboration with the Skoltsámi Culture foundation. For the Helsinki Day a great program is planned with Films, Speech Karaoke and Disco. Joins us at Bar Tenho on June 12, 17:00-23:00 Tenho Restobar, Helsinginkatu 15, Helsinki, Suomi Kuva: Karl Nickul, Mari Korpimäki, Minna Moshnikoff… Read More

For the next Speechkaraoke event at Lavaklubi we have selected a theme that is responsible for a lot of new speeches:  Climate Madness (aka Climate Change). We recorded some of the speeches at the last climate protest by young people in Helsinki. Beside the voices of young people we have included the granddaddy of the… Read More

Speech-Karaoke will present an evening packed with “Film Speeches” at the 65th International Oberhausen Film Festival, the longest running and most influential short film festival worldwide. The festival runs from May 1 to 6. This is the first Speech-Karaoke event in Germany. The evening is especially designed for the Conditional Cinema program streak of the… Read More

For the 65th International Oberhausen Short Film Festival Speechkaraoke has selected together with Mika Taanila 32 film related speeches. We always try to find the original sound of the speech, since we use the original speech tempo and rythm for the timecoding of the speech. We in fact define for each word of a speech… Read More

It’s election season and it’s time to pick tomorrows MP’s. The parties are pushing their agenda and election advertising is sweeping throughout Finland. It’s the time of promises. Speech Karaoke will collect election speeches, campaing ads and political promises until the day of the event. You can also do speeches from demonstrations against the government.… Read More