Speech-Karaoke will present an evening packed with “Film Speeches” at the 65th International Oberhausen Film Festival, the longest running and most influential short film festival worldwide. The festival runs from May 1 to 6. This is the first Speech-Karaoke event in Germany. The evening is especially designed for the Conditional Cinema program streak of the… Read More

For the 65th International Oberhausen Short Film Festival Speechkaraoke has selected together with Mika Taanila 32 film related speeches. We always try to find the original sound of the speech, since we use the original speech tempo and rythm for the timecoding of the speech. We in fact define for each word of a speech… Read More

It’s election season and it’s time to pick tomorrows MP’s. The parties are pushing their agenda and election advertising is sweeping throughout Finland. It’s the time of promises. Speech Karaoke will collect election speeches, campaing ads and political promises until the day of the event. You can also do speeches from demonstrations against the government.… Read More

After long jury deliberation the Noble Speech Prize was  given to Emma Gonzales for a powerful speech asking clever questions about (the lack) of gun legislation in wake of the horrors of repeated school shootings. Below you find the shortlist and the winner in each category.  Thanks for our jury who bravely went through about… Read More

The end of August comes with a frenzy of activities in Helsinki to compensate for the comatose weeks of July. Speechkaraoke will have 3 appearances in the second half of August. It starts with a cruise of the left alliance to Tallin 18.-19.8 followed by the Runokuu “Kapinakaraoke” on 20.8 in Bio Rex and a… Read More

As part of the Tok Curators‘ new  project ‘The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange’, you are welcome to attend and participate in our Speech Karaoke at Bar Loose in Helsinki! The main idea of the ‘Russian Bar’ project is to analyze the new waves of migration to Finland fueled by… Read More

One can think about Warren Buffet whatever; but he got at least on fact right: Buffett has given advice to recent graduates that the number one skill you can have is public speaking skills.  It is another fact that – according to several studies – the fear of public speaking is often ranked very high,… Read More

Speech Karaoke starts it’s 2018 season at Lavaklubi with a controversial topic: The “Sami Issue” – it is about the problematic relationship between the indigenous people of the Fennoscandic Peninsula and the newcomers to the area (aka the Finns), a history that is too easily sweeped under the carpet. While this event must address the… Read More