A Speech Karaoke Club Night will be held at the closing event of Cannibal Manifesto -exhibition in Plymouth, UK Saturday 2nd May from 8pm Venue: Octagon Social Club, 7 Octagon Street, Plymouth PL1 1TU  Admission Free… Read More

Speech Karaoke is visiting Pieksämäki 28th of March for the annual Teatterimaratoni-theatre monologue festival. The festival nightclub has two live bands: Cleaning Women and Deadwood Prominents. Our own DJ Vaalikone is working the audience with some sweet Italodisco and Finnish 70’s discohits! Welcome!… Read More

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus. In the darkest midst of winter, when the world is in a state of deep-freeze, in these apocalyptic times of the backlash of civilization, environmental destruction and the reversal of the geomagnetic poles it’s time to verbalise and… Read More

  On January  11.1. 2015 the  Unelma (=Dream)  exhibition at Lönnström Art Museum  concluded with a Speech Karaoke Club night dedicated to our dreams. In a workshop in November young people wrote speeches that remixed Martin Luther Kings famous I Have a Dream speech. Those and many other speeches were performed in a relaxed and… Read More

Friends, Fans and Lovers of Speechkaraoke, below you will find an overview of the next opportunities to join us. See you! 17.4.2015 ELECTION SPEECH KARAOKE @ LAVAKLUBI Two days before the Parliamentary elections the Speech Karaoke Action Group brings the most passionate, the most rampant election speeches of all time to the stage of Lavaklubi to… Read More

SpeechKaraoke presents: “Thank you & fuck you!” at Lavaklubi October 10, 2014. Declarations, farewells, apologies? Speech Karaoke has a speech for all occasions. We will celebrate the verbal art of public speeches by arranging an unforgettable night focusing on speeches that burst with overwhelming gratefulness, with anger or anxiety, or dribble with smooth hypocrisy. Join… Read More

Speechkaraoke arrived to Croatia last night. Overcoming an initially skeptic audience we became mad as hell, as can be witnessed from the attached video. We are currently planning an extensive Balkan tour next year, for now we are collecting regional speeches. On Monday September 8, 2014 we will demo Speechkaraoke at MAMA in Zagreb from… Read More