The next edition of the Speechkaraoke klubi will hold to account public speakers that claim to tell “nothing but the truth”. The evening will demonstrate that truth is a very flexible concept. All time favourites such as Bill Clintons “I did not have sex” will mix with the very latest Stubb fail in parliament. Despite this a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere is guaranteed by DJ Nosfe.

Speechkaraoke @ Lavaklubi goes into it’s third year, with more speeches, more exciting topics. In 2015 we moved thematically from Heavy Speech Karaoke to Election speeches to Thank You vs. Fuck You speeches. In Winter 2016 The Speech Karaoke Action Group will collect speeches in two quite opposite locations: Kökär in Ahvenamaa and in the North of Thailand. The collected speeches from our journeys will be brought to Lavaklubi in February. In the spring we will apropriately focus on the End of the World again.

“Nothing but the Truth” – SpeechKaraoke @ Lavaklubi 18.12.2015
Läntinen Teatterikuja 1, 00100 Helsinki, Free Entrance

The Speech Karaoke Evenings of the spring are 20th of February and 23rd of April 2016.