The Love Me Gender theme night will address the current debate on gender diversity. We will hear karaoke speeches about human rights, identity politics, personal experiences and structural criticism. The Speech Karaoke Action Group has curated speeches for the night together with people who identify as minority genders, trans rights activists, Elina Nikulainen from Miehet ry, and Panda Eriksson and Kasper Kivistö of Trasek ry.

We have speeches by Simone de Beauvoir, Judith Butler, bell hooks and Kimberlé Crenshaw, as well as Mesi Kissaniitty, Viima Lampinen, Sakris Kupila and Hanna Räty. Also the winner of the Nordic and Baltic Young Artist Award 2019, transman Rag Elnyg has written a speech especially for the Love Me Gender night.

In addition to the speeches curated for Love Me Gender, the entire Speech Karaoke list of about 650 speeches in 14 languages is at your disposal! In between speeches, DJ MEGATRON will play music while enjoying their 20th year of musical celebration

LAVAKLUBI 18.12. 20-24