The first Speech Karaoke event in Tampere happened in Terassi Pub Yläkerta, the upstairs bar of the legendary punkrock and alternative music venue Vastavirta -club. The event was a part of Romufestival. The bar is located at Tampere’s Pispala district which is known for it’s bloody leftist history during the Finnish Civil War. The city is also playfully called Manse (from Manchester) because of it’s industrial working class history. The speech list made for Tampere consisted many speeches related to Pispala – the story of an orphans life after the defeat of the Reds and Finnish author Lauri Viita´s spoken walk-through of the Pispala district. We also had other Tampere related speeches such as Matti Näsä’s speech from the 90’s Finnish comedy show Kummeli on the absurdity of getting a parking ticket. The night had many great speakers, we disinfected our hands and used masks! Hope to visit Tampere soon again.

PHOTO: Anni Roihuvuo