Speech-Karaoke will present an evening packed with “Film Speeches” at the 65th International Oberhausen Film Festival, the longest running and most influential short film festival worldwide. The festival runs from May 1 to 6. This is the first Speech-Karaoke event in Germany.
The evening is especially designed for the Conditional Cinema program streak of the festival, curated by renowned Finnish Film Maker and Artist Mika Taanila.  For the event Speech Karaoke invites the audience to participate in a real-time collage of speeches about cinema. The audience will be  able to choose their favourite  “film- speech” from a pool of speeches and perform it in front of the audience – similar to a traditional karaoke event. Each speech is accompanied by a unique karaoke-style, tailor-made, silent background video and the animated text of the speech indicating the original speech rhythm.

The speeches feature legendary, obscure and provocative speeches, statements and manifestos on cinema, dating from the 1890s up until today. The list includes manifestos and statements by the likes of Sally Potter, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Jenna Jameson, Aki Kaurismäki, Jonas Mekas, Wimmin’s Fire Brigade, Agnes Varda, Werner Herzog and many others. Additionally some legendary speeches within movies, such as “Mad as Hell” or “When the Shit hits the Fan” are on the menu as well.

The Speechkaraoke project is kindly supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The “Film Speeches” at Oberhausen Festival is kindly supported by the Finnish Film Foundation.


Reading of the Oberhausen Manifesto from 1962

You can download the catalogue of Film Speeches selected for Oberhausen here.