We welcomes anyone to step on the platform and deliver a speech in a relaxed atmosphere. The historical, contemporary, private and public moments are re-interpretated in a way that leaves nobody cold. Try it out and be surprised how it feels to deliver someone elses speech, or just enjoy your drink and get inspired about the absurd and funny yet thought provoking moments!

Two days before the event The Speech Karaoke Action Group starts updating the karaoke system with the speech choices of the festival visitors. Anyone can step in to the workshop  and spend some time with a speech you want to contribute and turn it into a video. Practicing the delivery of the speech is part of the steps. You can come with a speech or just spend time finding one. You can even write your own speech! No technical skills needed – The Speech Karaoke Action Group is there to guide you through the steps! The speeches made in the workshop will be archived into the karaoke system and they will travel the world! The premier of the new videos is naturally the speech karaoke event at Rotterdam Film Festival (see info above). You can walk in any time of the workshop time. It´s good to reserve at least 2-3 hours to the process.

Eurpoean Speeches on Focus!
Celebrating  the official theme  of the Rotterdam Film Festival, The Speech Karaoke  Action Group  encourages the visitors to re-interpretate especially  European Speeches in the workshop and the event! How does it feel to deliver the wedding speech of Prince Daniel, and how about stepping to the shoes of Churchill for a  moment? Which European speech have provoked or touched you so much that you wanna include it to the karaoke system?

The event is part of the anniversary celebration year of AV Arkki The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, organised in collaboration with Rotterdam Film Festival and Fins Cultureel Instituut voor de Benelux and  FRAME.

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